Today's business potential of the company relies on the three modern production departments with a total production area of approx. 50000 m 2 , experienced management and production personnel in the number  of approx. 600 people , production potential estimated at 20000 m2  (200 tones) of glass per day.

          HART-SM Company  began its activity  in  1982  . It all started with the grinding of glass for furniture. In 1986 the first device for tempering glass (of our own design) was installed. With the advent of the tempering process (still an integral part of the production process), the production of glass with high thermal resistance began. The product now accounts for the largest share in the company's sales and is mounted in the devices of renowned manufacturers of household appliances, such as  Indesit or Amica  . It was the first breakthrough for the company. The construction of a hardening furnace of our own design, and new market opportunities enabled the rapid development of the company.

            The next breakthrough in business came in the years 1993-1996 when the eastern market collapsed, and, as a result, the manufacturers of microwave ovens significantly reduced their purchases of tempered glass. During that period, the decision was made to "fight" for new markets. It turned out that there are ample opportunities to sell tempered glass in the markets of Western Europe. However, the adjustments had to be implemented and the production process modernized in order to meet the new requirements.

          It was decided to purchase a horizontal hardening furnace manufactured by a renowned Swiss company. It was the next turn in the activities of HART-SM. Since then the company has been manufacturing the highest quality glass, which is reflected in the current sales structure of the the company. Approx. 50% of the production goes to the demanding markets of the European Union.
  • tempered glass for home appliances (cookers, refrigerators, coolers) - approx. 50%
  • tempered glass for shower cubicles - approx. 40%
  • automotive glass - approx. 5%
  • tempered glass for furniture manufacturers - about 5%        

          Currently the management of HART-SM aims to direct the production profile towards "more processed" glass. These assumptions have led to the latest investment - the construction of modern production departments and the continuous modernization of the machinery. 

 The company also possesses the documented Quality Management System, which is in accordance with the international standard  ISO 9001 .

  • in the group directly involved in production - 88%
  • production monitoring - 3.5%
  • production preparation - 0.5%
  • maintenance - 3.5%
  • administrative staff - 4.5%

          The typical recipient of HART-SM is institutional and so the company uses direct distribution channels. The product is most often delivered directly to the recipient using our own transport.

Automotive Glass

Automotive Glass
Tempered glass
Double glazing - laminated

Glass for Household Appliances

Glass for household appliances
Internal and external glass for ovens, covers and drawers
Glass for control panels, burners or heating plates
Under burner glass

Shower cubicles

Glass for shower cubicles
Flat glass
3 types of curved glass - cylindrical, in the shape of J and V

Glass for furniture

Glass for furniture
Painted Float Glass
Patterned Glass

Glass suppliers

AGC (production in the Czech Republic, Belgium)

Paint suppliers

Johnson Matthey

Suppliers of tools

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